Dear HYIP A dmin, You can submit  your HYI P to your HYIPs , the home of biggest , trusted and paying High Yield Investment Progra ms on... thumbnail 1 summary
Dear HYIP Admin,

You can submit  your HYIP to yourHYIPs, the home of biggest, trusted and paying High Yield Investment Programs on the internet.

First you must send $500 to our only official Perfect Money Account: U7217889

The 50% of the above amount will then be re-invested to your HYIP to keep a check whether you are paying or not. 

I also demand the privilege and access to the ADMIN of HYIP in case if my referrals and investors of yourHYIPs need any assistance or technical help.

Send payment details and confirm to and your HYIP will be visible in 48 hours in premium listings.

No sticky, basic or trial listings on my website, I keep it simple, your HYIP will always be listed and visible at the homepage on one of the top 10 slots as premium listing with great visibility of my visitors and investors.  

In addition to the premium listing, you will also get a free set of 4 125 x 125 and 2 468 x 60 banners.

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New HYIP Listing

  1. We reserve the right to remove any premium HYIP listing anytime without any explanation
  2. The full amount of the listing is taken in advance and only upon the verification that the amount has been paid, the listing is placed in 48 hours. The cost is received through only one PM account: U7217889
  3. We reserve the right to remove or change the status of HYIP listing if we found it scam
  4. The re-investment amount of 40% is solely at our discretion. The can be lesser than 50%
  5. We do not give back or refund the amount of listing